Amazing Crop Circle Patterns

There are many theories about who or what makes the crop circles.  Theories include whirlwinds, earth energies, UFO’s and human hoaxers walking on planks.   Regardless of their origin I find them fascinating and beautiful.  Their geometry and patterns are exquisite, especially when you consider the intricacy of the mathematics and the enormous scale of the work (done in the dark!!).

2005 Waden Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire UK.  Copyright Steve Alexander.

2005 Waden Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire UK. Photo: Steve Alexander. Click photo for direct link to:

Crop circles are geometric patterns that appear mysteriously in crop fields.  Research indicates the crop is not cut or broken, but is usually bent and laid flat in swirls.  Most patterns occur in cereal crops, usually wheat and barley, and appear to have been formed during the night.

2 Aug 2004 (UK).  copyright Steve Alexander

2 Aug 2004 (UK). Photo: Steve Alexander. Click photo for direct link to:

Many crop formations are complex geometric structures and aren’t random patterns at all.  The crop circle below is a graphical representation of the number Pi.  You probably remember using Pi at school when calculating the circumference of a circle, it is an irrational number and is approximately 3.14159

Crop Circle of Pi - The Daily Mail UK.

Crop Circle of Pi - The Daily Mail UK (

Pi crop circle explained.

Pi crop circle explained (click photo for direct link to)

There has been some interesting scientific work conducted into the geometry of the crop circle designs and shapes which suggest they are not meaningless or accidental, but actually depict complex ideas, numbers or shapes such as the Creation Numbers (3, 6, 9).   People have connected some of the crop circle symbols to subjects as diverse as star constellations, DNA, quantum physics, alchemy, and spirituality.   The crop circle below is a geometric pattern known as the Flower of Life pattern which is an important symbol in many cultures.

Crop Circle - Flower of Life pattern

Crop Circle - Flower of Life pattern. Click photo for direct link to:

The Cube of Metatron crop circle (below) and the Tree of Life or Flower of Life crop circle pattern (above)  are derived from the sacred geometry of platonic solids which are patterns found throughout nature.

1 August 2007.  Sugar Hill, Aldbourne, Wiltshire UK. Copyright Steve Alexander.

1 August 2007. Sugar Hill, Aldbourne, Wiltshire UK. Photo: Steve Alexander. Click photo for direct link to:

Platonic solids - Tree and Fruit of Life patterns

Wikipedia: Flower of Life

Some researchers are investigating Cymatics to investigate whether the crop circles are formed into naturally occuring geometric shapes due to vibration.  The picture below shows a water droplet containing a small colloidal particle.  The water is then vibrated and various geometric patterns occur which have been recognised in some crop circle formations.

Water particles make patterns under vibration.

Water particles make patterns under vibration. Click picture for direct link to

Crop Circle - Wikipedia

Crop Circle - Wikipedia

Another interesting pattern

Another interesting pattern. Click photo to link direct to

7 July 2008. Copyright Steve Alexander

7 July 2008. Photo: Steve Alexander. Click image to go direct to

Regardless of their origin or what is responsible for their formation in the dead of night, I’m sure you’ll agree these images and creations are wonderous and fascinating.  The search continues…

2005 Copyright Steve Alexander

2005 Photo: Steve Alexander. Click image to go direct to

Tidcome Down, Wiltshire UK. Copyright Steve Alexander

Tidcome Down, Wiltshire UK. Photo: Steve Alexander (click image to go direct to:

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12 thoughts on “Amazing Crop Circle Patterns

  1. pochp says:

    If it is true that these designs are done overnight, I wouldn’t believe that
    those were done by human beings.

  2. originalbeauty says:

    Yes it does seem incredible and I can see why there is so much research into finding the source.

  3. GlenStef says:

    Hi, Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂
    Have a nice day

  4. I’ve recently been doing some work with decoding crop circles. I’ve been getting galactic transmissions of various kinds from the divine and, I thought maybe there’s some meaning to crop circles. So I started asking the meaning behind certain circles and I got some amazing positive results. It’s an amazing time to be alive!

  5. zzz says:

    I agree when you say “It’s an amazing time to be alive!”.

  6. kanzy says:

    i personally think their done by aliens cuz if u look at theses design it could not be done over night without being seen.also they r really complex and most humans could not do this if so they must be really intelligent and if they r i don’t think they would waste there time on silly games like this.also they r done all around the world and not much people would do this

  7. wazza says:

    Beware for the harvest time is approaching!!!

  8. Swar says:

    Wonderful geometric art…even if they are made by Eartlings!

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